Custom Carports

Looking for an economical and highly practical way to protect your car, boat or caravan?

A strong, durable and quality carport from Outdoor World solves the problem. From economical flat roof carport options to elegant gabled carport alternatives, we can build a custom carport to suit your needs and withstand WA climates.

Carports are ideal for protecting your assets from the elements, and they can be standalone or attached to an existing structure.

What’s more, they’ll add value and appeal to your property at the same time.

Some other fantastic benefits of choosing to install a carport on your property include:

  • Additional Space: Carports are an excellent way to maximize the space on your property. Essentially creating a new sheltered area to park your car, caravan, or boat and free up space elsewhere on your property or in your existing garage.
  • Energy Efficient: With rising electricity costs it makes economic sense to install a carport that does not have the power usage associated with garages. An open space means that power is not required for lighting and no door removes the cost of operating a typical garage roller door.
  • Shade: Carports provide fantastic shade, particularly useful in the harsh West Australian Summer months. These attractive structures make a great place for children to play under without having to worry about sizzle of the summer sun.
  • Adds Value To Your Home: Getting the right design through our expert consultants will improve the appearance and the use of your property. Our stylish carports will make your property more attractive and increase the value of possibly your most valuable asset.

Talk to Outdoor World about a carport today.