• Construction Date: January 2018
  • Location: Winthrop Primary School
  • Client: Department of Education
  • Budget: $125,000
  • Category: Commercial


Outdoor World was awarded a contract to construct a 20.25m wide x 36.22m long steel frame shade structure over existing basketball courts at this Perth Primary School.

Using our knowledge and experience, we completed this large structure, located in a confined space between existing classroom buildings, well within the time constraints and without any impact or interruption to the school. Our flexibility in scheduling allowed us to build while the school was closed. Due to the size and nature of the building, we brought in specialist equipment to ensure efficiency and to minimise all health and safety issues on site.

A great deal of care was taken to ensure that no damage occurred to the existing surface, which was in excellent condition both before and after this project. A complete clean-up of the site was organised by Outdoor World at the end of the job so that there was no danger to staff or students of the school, and to allow access to the new facilities as quickly as possible.